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Conversational AI Linguistic Assistant

Accurate and comprehensive NLP engine by Just AI

Since 2011, we were working on creating CAILA – our own Natural Language Understanding service, so that now you could use its powerful capabilities to the max

An end-to-end solution integrated with all Just AI products

Machine learning algorithms ease the process of working with datasets and building named entity recognition and intent classification models

Multilanguage support: English, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese

CAILA is the backbone of our products

CAILA is the backbone of our products


A simple yet feature-packed builder to create AI-powered solutions

Just AI Conversational Platform

A full-range and secure conversational AI platform for solutions of any complexity. Keep everything under control with key statistics and customized reports

Just AI Conversational Framework

An open-source Kotlin-based conversational framework that is free of charge even for commercial use


CAILA is built into Just AI products. No need to integrate with a third-party NLU service or search for libraries:

  • Qualitative text processing: recognition of synonyms, acronyms, and slang expressions
  • Increased accuracy of intent recognition, faster processing of unlabeled logs and data selection to train AI systems
  • New NLP models and algorithms powered by machine learning, rule-based approach, semantic and morphological analysis
  • Provided access to Just AI’s proprietary language technologies and linguistic libraries containing source code

How does CAILA work

Someone is asking a chatbot to make a call

CAILA defines the subject of inquiry and all the characteristics mentioned by the person.

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A handy solution for professionals

  • Computational linguists
  • NLP engineers
  • Data scientists

Make the most of CAILA

Intent recognition

  • ML and deep learning
  • Semantic Textual Similarity algorithm
  • Rule-based approach

NLU model debug toolset:

  • Visualizing clustering result based on semantic distance
  • Model's confidence level analysis and threshold setting
  • Word alignment

NLU models enhancement

  • Automatic spell-checking based on system dictionaries
  • Custom dictionaries for spell checking and misprints

Dialog labeling

  • Text preparation (stop words removal, normalization, etc)
  • Keywords retrieval
  • Phrase clustering by k-means and other ml algorithms

Slots markup and filling:

  • Multiple slots in utterance
  • Slot filling sub-scenarios

Supported languages

  • English, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese
  • Any other language can be added by request

Third-party NLU algorithms API:

  • Agent assistant built on client’s logs
  • Integration with dictionaries from external systems
  • FAQ knowledge base
  • Combination of intent recognition models for better performance

Named entity extraction:

  • Duckling entities
  • Dictionaries (custom & system)
  • Rule-based approach (regexp alike)
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