Who we are

We are a small and neat team of developers
keen on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, conversational bots and automation.

Turing 100 Winners

Our NLP technology was used by Eugene Goostman chatbot - the winner of Turing 100 Chatbots competition in 2014.

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Let your app or chatbot talk with users

Zenbot enables you to create conversational chatbots, or even train your application or website to talk with users on natural language. And it is already integrated with messengers like Facebook, Slack, Skype, Kik and Telegram.

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Voice Assistant Framework

Aggregate - the world's first cross-platform framework for voice assistant development. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux, supports 5 different programming languages and can even run on Raspberry Pi.

Build your own Amazon Alexa or just create an all new voice-driven product with ease! We provide full documentation and community support.

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Dusi voice assistant

Dusi voice assistant

Dusi - the most advanced virtual voice assistant in your Android device! It understands tons of voice commands thanks to our flexible NLP engine which runs right on the smartphone. And it can be extended with third-party skills, created by thousands of inspired users.

Dusi includes an internal skills market with hundreds of additional skills. It understands more commands every single day. More than Google Now, Cortana or Siri. And there's much more to come...

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We have more

We have 5 years experience in AI, NLP and voice assistant development.

There are a lot more products built on top of our AI platform.