High-performing Conversational AI

Be at the forefront of technologies solving your business issues with AI assistants
and chatbots. Industry-specific and NLU-powered, they communicate in your language
and maintain exceptional CX.
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Conversational AI assistants are replacing
plain chatbots and IVR

Just AI Conversational Platform

An enterprise-level platform to build, train, host and boost your NLU-powered assistants. A friendly environment with visual editor, analytics and machine learning tool inside.
The platform is secure and easily managed for fastest and convenient chatbots deployment.

  • Voice and text chatbots for customer support.
  • NLU-skills for virtual assistants like Google Assistant.
  • NLU-skills for IoT devices like Google Home.
  • Skills for robots, toys and smart home systems.
  • FAQ interactive bots for HR and helpdesk tasks.
Automate up to 80% requests to your customer service team
Build a unified support system in messaging apps and on web
Upgrade your IVR
to an interactive voice-support bot
Enhance your support team productivity with
AI-advising systems

A no-coding chatbot builder with NLU power inside

High-performing chatbots
for sales, support and events
  • Build chatbots in a convenient way with our drag-and-drop editor.
  • Teach your chatbot to understand speech and recognise intents with Aimylogic NLU-core.
  • Add more touchpoints with customers and simply scale your chatbot.
  • Make your chatbot industry-specific by adding named entities.
  • Use machine & human collaboration by transferring customers requests from the bot to a live agent.
  • Track your bot performance with analytics tool.
Voice and text assistants. Be the first to harness them for better sales and support
Virtual assistants and smart hubs are the new call centers
Our NLU skills empower virtual assitants to talk in your business language, customize to your product range and solve your customers' issues. With Just AI you have a ready-for-use solution to support customers via Google Home or Yandex Alice.
Aimybox. Out of the box NLU for robots, toys
and devices
Aimybox teaches smart devices how to speak, think and be truly helpful
Make your device more competitive and valuable with ready skills stack like weather forecasts, taxi hiring, currency convertion, Wiki-seach or multilanguage translation. Tens of handy skills are added without coding, some of them are voice-enabled.

For more complicated issues like smart homes, robots for kids and eldery people use our Conversational Platform.

Aimychat. Multichannel marketing campaigns
via messaging apps or SMS
Create eye catching interactive campaigns for better ROI
Create an offer and describe it step by step in our visual builder.

Test, schedule and launch campaigns in minutes. Use Aimychat for customer engagement, seasonal sales, quizes or customers retention.

On-board statistics track each funnel step and show your campaigns effectiveness.
These technologies will keep you
at the forefront of the market for years
Speech recognition and synthesis (ASR + TTS)
Deep cognitive abilities with NLU-core
Machine learning methods for fastest training
Intent recognition and context understanding
Cognitive abilities and context understanding
AI-assistants are dealing with meaning, not with keywords. The know synonims, are trained to be language-specific and are able to match queries with similar or close meaning. They remember the context so there's no need in repeating the whole question again and again.
Friendly environment for development and management
Rich syntax of Just AI DSL allow creating voice and text bots of any complexity.

Visual editor is helpful for checking chatbot's logic, verify its' answers on any step of the dialogue.

Analytics reveals the KPI's of an AI assistant, showing the volume of issues solved, number of failed cases, time of issues solving.
Hybrid learning methods using rules and neural networks principles
Rule-based approach is not enough and neural networks are hard to train and unpredictable. Hybrid training methods won't let you loose control over chatbots replies and will level up training effiiciency.
Precise entities extraction
Customers are just texting or speaking while AI assistant is extracting all data necessary for making an order or booking: names, locations, phone numbers, emails, quantity and product features (size, colour, tech parameters).
API access
Virtual assistants and chatbots are not stand-alone solutions. With our API methods you can empower them with deep knowledge about customers and engage them in sales. Integrate a smart chatbot with CRM to make conversations more personalised or transfer extracted data to your customers' profiles.
It's time to make AI your advantage
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  • A tool for interactive marketing campaigns via messaging apps and SMS.
  • Ready-for-use NLU skills for smart devices and robots.
  • A friendly chatbot builder with NLU power and machine learning inside.
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