Who we are

We are small and neat team of developers, keen of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and conversational Chatbots.

Turing 100 Winners

Our NLP technology was used by Eugene Goostman chatbot - the winner of Turing 100 Chatbots competition in 2014.

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Let your app or chatbot talk with users

Zenbot enables you to create conversational bots, or even train your application or website to talk with users on natural language. It's already intergated with Facebook, Zendesk and even telephony allowing to automatise support teams through any channel.

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Voice Assistant Framework

Aggregate - a server-less cross-platform framework for voice assistant developing. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux, supports 5 different programming languages and can run even offline on Raspberry Pi.

Build your own Amazon Alexa or just create all new voice driven product with ease!

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Enables any device to talk

Zenbox is a feature centric AI platform for fast prototyping and building of talking devices.

It simplifies a prototyping and building of talking devices without programming for any type of device. With fixed prices per unit and ready-to-use features, as well as analytics and SDK.

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We have more

We have 5 years experience in AI, NLP and voice assistants developing. Thus there are much more products were built on top of our AI platform.

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