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Instagram Chatbots. Why use them + 11 scripting ideas


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Instagram chatbots facilitate interaction between a human and businesses in the social media app’s Direct Messenger, comments for posts and story mentions. We’ve put together 11 scripting ideas that will boost sales and benefit everyone in the Instabusiness.

Why does one need chatbots on Instagram?

According to Semrush, Instagram boasts 2.9 billion total visits per month, which puts it among the world’s top 10 most-visited websites. Facebook recently revealed in its survey that 81% of users find new products and services on Instagram. To swiftly respond to DM messages, comments and story mentions, bloggers, as well as owners of Insta business accounts are forced to hire social media managers to run their pages.


A solution emerged this summer when Instagram allowed business accounts to use a dedicated API developer, integrate chatbots, and automate social media conversation management. The update allowed such chatbot-building tools as ManyChat, SendPulse, and Aimylogic to launch an Instagram channel.


Now basically anyone can create an Instagram DM chatbot, that will respond to messages, comments, and story mentions. This saves time for bloggers and business accounts, speeds up communication with customers, and by all means, reduces costs. 


Scripting ideas for Instagram chatbots

Instagram chatbots send text messages, images, audio and video files, transfer the conversation to the manager, integrate with CRM systems, send emails and SMS. Let’s take a closer look at situations where this might come in handy.


User greetings

Who needs it: everyone


An automated greeting message is a great way to introduce a new follower to your Insta account. Tell them what your blog is about, keep posted for live broadcasts, giveaways contests.


Gifts and checklists

Who needs it: everyone


New followers often receive gifts, such as promotional codes for discounts or offers to download free checklists and guides. The chatbot can explain the process and send instructions on how to get a gift and use it.



Who needs it: everyone


The chatbot on Instagram informs followers of online store accounts about the terms of delivery, return and exchange policies, locations and opening hours of physical stores. Bloggers can analyze what questions they are most often asked in the DM and add them to the chatbot.


Replies to comments

Who needs it: everyone


The chatbot replies to comments for Instagram posts. If the bot was built on the platform powered by the NLU core, such as Aimylogic, it will be able to actually understand comments and formulate detailed responses.


Replies to story mentions

Who needs it: everyone


Instagram sends notifications when your account is mentioned in stories by other users. The exception is private accounts, as their stories are only visible to those who follow them. The chatbot can track mentions and send quick reactions or messages in response.


Giveaways and contests

Who needs it: everyone


Instagram giveaways and contests engage followers in posting, reposting, commenting and reacting to stories. The chatbot will therefore track their actions via hashtags and send reactions in response.


Online orders

Who needs it: online store accounts


The chatbot recognizes keywords (e.g. dress, pants) or images from the collection and receives online orders from followers. If the bot is integrated with internal control accounting systems or CRM, it will have detailed information about customers (name, previous orders, preferences), as well as available models and sizes.


Night bot

Who needs it: online stores, infobusiness


The chatbot can be programmed to respond to user requests at night, on weekends and on holidays.


Webinars and courses

Who needs it: infobusiness, bloggers


The bot can tell users about a specific webinar or course, its instructors, sign them up and remind them of the start of the program.

Service orders

Who needs it: freelancers


Photographers, copywriters, social media managers and other specialists who offer their services on Instagram can use the chatbot to inform potential customers about the rates, deadlines, responsibilities, etc. The bot can also be programmed to receive orders for services.

Feedback collection

Who needs it: online stores, infobusiness


The Instagram chatbot can be used for an NPS survey. It will find out how the delivery went, whether the customers were satisfied, and send a promotional code for the next purchase.

Checklist before launch


Instagram chatbots can be used by accounts with any number of followers and statistics. However, there are three things to keep in mind before launching:

  • Make sure your Instagram profile is switched to a business account.
  • The business account is linked to Facebook Manager. This is important, as only one Facebook page can be connected to one Instagram business account.
  • Allow access to private messages.

Please note that Instagram chatbots must be approved by Facebook before launch. Check out no-code chatbot builder Aimylogic and build an Instagram chatbot free.





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