Your Custom Voice Assistant
for Mobile Devices and Apps

Aimybox platform helps to surpass the limitations of the popular voice assistants. With Aimybox businesses can add their voice assistant to mobile apps and smart devices. This enables companies to offer voice-controlled functionality in the already well-known premise.

Why don’t popular voice assistants work for everyone?

  • Separated from the native app, a branded skill for digital assistants like Alexa is bound to be one among thousands.
  • Your business will have to adapt to the limitations of the UX, UI, and API of another platform.
  • A branded skill for a popular voice assistant needs a catchy name so that it can be easily discovered.
  • Even when brands come up with a great skill name, users still have to remember how to launch the skill.
  • Using one of the popular voice assistants, companies cannot choose technologies of speech recognition and synthesis.

Why does your company need a custom voice assistant?

  • With a voice assistant in your application, you spare users from being transferred to an unfamiliar interface.
  • There is no need to think through the logic of user engagement - simply ass the button to your application and tell about the voice assistant in your communication channels.
  • You can either change the interface and user UX yourself for your liking, or stick with the OOB option.
  • With Aimybox you can choose providers of ASR / TTS and NLP technologies, test and replace them, as well as make any necessary integrations with your CRM, BPM and other systems.

When do your clients need a voice assistant?

  • New users who have not yet figured out the UI of your application.
  • The user cannot locate buttons or menu items.
  • The user simply needs to repeat the previous step, without starting all over again.
  • When the user can say two words instead of five clicks, taps, scrolls (vital when driving).
  • It’s easier to say the problem out loud than to look for the solution inside the application.

Compatible with various platforms

Aimybox allows handling modules like building blocks to create a perfect voice assistant.

Aimybox fosters the interaction of all components, from recognition and NLU to speech synthesis. Besides, it’s an open-source platform with an Apache 2.0 license, and everything is written in Kotlin. You can easily deploy an assistant on Android, iOS, smart devices, and the Raspberry Pi.

What’s inside Aimybox

Ready-to-use UI components

The OOB interface is 100% ready for customer interactions and can be adjusted to your needs at any time

Trailblazing ASR/TTS technologies

Android speechkit Google Cloud speechkit Houndify speechkit Yandex Cloud speechkit

Top NLP vendors

Aimylogic, Dialogflow RASA AI or any other technology vendors

Skills marketplace

Aimybox has a pool of ready-to-use voice skills (calculator, games, weather forecast and many others)


Voice is perfect for

Mobile bank

  • Account balance replenishment
  • Money transfers to contacts
  • Onboarding new customers
  • App navigation

Telecom operator

  • Information on payment terms
  • Changing tariff options
  • Repeat last operation
  • Settings FAQ

Online store

  • Quick search for certain items
  • Repeat order
  • Voice shopping List
  • Getting information on discounts

Food delivery

  • Simple orders comprising 1-3 items
  • Repeat order
  • Calling a delivery person
  • Changing delivery address

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