Improve your Scrabble score with
Addictive interactive word search puzzle game for Google Assistant
Power of Words is a voice-first animated word scrabble game for smart displays. An entertaining storyline holds attention while word puzzles extend players' vocabulary, help them with spelling, and boost working memory. This game is great for the whole family, kids and adults love it!
Use the Magic of Words to defeat all the evil trolls!
To play say OK GOOGLE, OPEN POWER OF WORDS or push the button
Cute peaceful warriors Quicks live on a far-out planet and take care of the Tree of Life

The tree's roots spread out to the universe and its magic power creates harmony and produces pure energy

One day the Tree's roots attained the lower world and awoke the gluttonous Trolls. The evil Trolls have quickly learned of the Tree's might and decided to get it by all means. Quicks tried to repel the invaders but their force is not strong enough to cope with the enemy. Only YOU and the Magic of Words can help them

You're the Chosen One whose mission is to save the tribe of peaceful creatures from the evil Trolls. To defeat a monster, you got to take its power. Words are your weapon – build new ones from the given sequence of symbols. Every symbol of the new word makes damage to the monster

Hate to wait? You can buy the pass to the next level for the game coins. Two types of currency are earned both in game progress and with direct purchases. The in-game currency can be spent to buy boosters, additional lives, and levels packs
Remember: enemies vary in strength and attack patterns, but you can upgrade your character's abilities too. For instance, some monsters can block a letter so that you won't be able to use it. Take a Quick with you and use their power – some of them can call off the monster's blockade
The game has a world map with 3 worlds and 45 levels (15 in each location). To pass the last 15th level and get to the new location you got to collect a certain amount of coins

To play say OK GOOGLE, OPEN POWER OF WORDS or push the button
The story behind the game
Power of Words is a voice-powered interactive game with well-designed graphics and a thoughtful narrative built by Just AI - an international vendor of professional conversational AI tools and technologies
We got a dedicated game studio department with experienced and talented game designers, conversational designers, and creative writers
As a result, we've built a game that was recognized and promoted by Google!
Power of Words has been created through the use of open-source Kotlin-based framework JAICF and Google Interactive Canvas framework

JAICF (Just AI Conversational Framework) is available for third-party developers and is free of charge even for commercial use

We keen to follow the latest voice tech trends and since interactive games for smart displays are something that basically drives the voice tech development, we simply couldn't give it a miss
We've been developing games for the past four years and four voice assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant, DuerOS conversational AI system by Baidu, voice assistant Alice by Yandex)
Since most of our team have a huge experience in mobile gaming development, a few months ago we started to think about how to match best mobile practices with smart displays and create cool, addictive, and commercially successful games with smart monetization
About Just AI
Games aren't just that we do.
At Just AI we create high-quality products and high-grade solutions – we specialize in Conversational AI tech, Machine Learning, and NLU since 2011. The core of our business – professional tools to design and create conversational experiences: chatbots, voice assistants, voice skills, AI-powered voice calls, etc.
Our tools are used by many developers who create their voice games and skills that hit the top. We got products for any layer of development, which can be used by third-party devs independently or we can handle the whole process – starting with the idea and ending with the skill publication and promotion
Contribute to the development of voice games – build your world and invent a new genre with Just AI tools

In the world of Сonversational AI imagination is the only limit, and the idea is the key

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