Voice Solutions to Increase Sales and Personalize Marketing

Bring together Conversational AI, CRM data and customer knowledge

Expand your brand presence and reach new audiences with conversational markerting

How Voice Skills Can Power up Your Business

Lead Generation and Qualification

Classify customers with similar traits according to your sales funnel and send them the right message

Funnel Appropriate Automation

Send notifications and call customers once the CRM trigger is set up

Highly-Personalized Conversations

Respond with the context and the customer's preferences in mind

Awareness Marketing

Educate customers on your services and product choices

Easy Feedback

Conduct surveys and quizzes

Customer Loyalty

Increase brand awareness and build the company’s image

Examples of Conversational Marketing

A smart bot helps customers to choose the right Tikkurila paint and builds brand confidence

Finds the right paint, aligning with a decision tree of 50 questions and 70 types of surfaces

Shows product characteristic, certificates, and labels

Understands queries even if the user misspelled the Finnish paint name

A bot serves over 100 queries during the weekends and 40 queries per night, automating 30% of work

A skill for a navigator that provides additional value

Reacts to keystrokes, understands spoken queries, synonyms, and semantically similar phrases

Offers advice to car-travelers along with exciting quests for children and adults

Knows kids’ names, asks them riddles, tells fun facts about animals and some geographic areas

A polite and soft-voiced robot instead of a call center that brought back 5664 clients in 2 months

A voice robot recognizes natural speech, rings up customers, and gathers feedback

In just 2 months robot called over 150000 clients who were missed for over 6 months

In 2 weeks 2% of clients came back with a conversion rate of 2,7%

These clients made 8000 orders bringing Dodo $78000

Profit from Multi-Channel Engagement

Web, In-App, and Messengers

Smart bots that understand the context

AI-Powered Calls

Intelligent assistants for personalized, human-like voice conversations

Google Assistant

Google actions for smartphones and Google Home devices

Amazon Alexa

Alexa skills for Amazon Echo, and Echo Show smart devices

Smart Devices

Voice skills for hearables, smart gadgets, smart displays, and dash cams

Smart Toys and Robots

Unique skills for AI-powered robots and stuffed toys from our partners

Design Viral Voice Experiences with Just AI Products’ Robust Features

Personalized Communication

Integrate with your CRM and BPM systems

Multiplatform Workflow

Export created skills directly to a voice assistant or messaging apps

Visual Flow Builder

Create a clear vision of the whole skill

User Behavior Analytics

Track user’s activity: engagement, retention, deadlocks in the user’s path

Interactive Content

Engage users with creative content and bot scenarios of any complexity

In-skill Purchasing (ISP)

Make money off premium content in the form of subscriptions, one-time purchases, ads, and premium items

Multimodal Experience

Voice, audio, visuals, and everything that is essential for smart assistants

Localized Content

Speak the language of your customers – Just AI products allow integrations with many NLU engines that recognize users’ requests

Find the Tool that Best Suits Your Needs

A simple yet feature-packed voice skills builder that does not require coding skills. Aimylogic is tailored to design engaging conversational experiences. With Aimylogic you can easily adopt VUI principles and build a skill that will never bore users

Are you a Kotlin, Android, or mobile developer? This open-source framework is designed just for you. It works with any NLU engine and channels like Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and many others. But most importantly, it is free even for commercial purposes

If you are planning to build a high-end voice solution, try this full-range and secure conversational AI platform. Create a unique experience of any complexity and keep everything under control with key statistics and customized reports. The only limit here is your imagination

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