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Voice Games for Smart Assistants, Speakers and Displays

Voice games are the hottest new trend!

Contribute to the development of voice experiences, invent a new genre and realize your own success story with Just AI tools

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Games Built With Our Tools


Lovecraft World

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Power of Words

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Profit from Cross-Platform Design

Google Assistant

Smartphones and Google Home devices

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo and Echo Show smart devices

Smart Devices

Hearables, smart gadgets, smart displays and dash cams

Smart Toys

AI-powered robots and plush toys from our partners

Design Viral Fully-Immersive Voice Games that Draw Income

Visual Flow Builder

Get a clear vision of the whole skill – no chaos in phrase management, each stage is easy to fix

Interactive Content

Engage users in complex plots, quests, strategies, scores of player-generated paths and Easter eggs

Flexible Dialogue System

Create non-linear stories by adding multiple choices and twists

Multimodal Experience

Voice, audio, visuals and everything that is essential for smart assistants

Multiplatform Workflow

Export newly-created skills directly to a voice assistant or messaging apps

User Behavior Analytics

Track users’ activities: engagement, retention, deadlocks in their paths

In-skill Purchasing (ISP)

Make money off premium content in the form of subscriptions, one-time purchases, ads, and paid premium in-game items

Push The Boundaries And Create A Unique Gameplay

Games With In-skill Purchases

A great blend of entertainment and monetization

Educational Content

Engaging lessons, courses, and apps with paid subscriptions

Engaging Promotion

Audio teasers and promo campaigns for movies, books and games

Find the Tool that Best Suits Your Needs

A simple yet feature-packed voice skills builder that does not require coding skills. Create rich conversational experiences for logic games, engage users in fun party games, or enhance traditional games with voice-based features – Aimylogic makes any story possible

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Are you a Kotlin, Android, or mobile developer? This open-source framework is designed just for you. It works with any NLU engine and channels like Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and many others. But most importantly, it is free even for commercial purposes

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If you are planning to build a high-end voice solution, try this full-range and secure conversational AI platform. Create a unique experience of any complexity and keep everything under control with key statistics and customized reports. The only limit here is your imagination

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What Developers and Gamers Say

Voice games are fun to create, but the right tool is essential. Aimylogic by Just AI is the best builder I’ve worked with. It has a user-friendly interface and great functionality

Aimylogic provides simplified integration with third-party systems: from Google sheets to analytical services. Besides, it has an easy-to-understand clear knowledgebase, suitable for the weirdest ideas a game designer can think of. It’s very handy

Well-thought-out intents – they are already there, so you can create a simple game with the greatest ease. For me, as a beginner, this is a great virtue

This is the best tool I ever used! I could test my idea pretty quick, put it into different platforms and compare the way my skill performs on each of them

Aimylogic by Just AI the most robust and user-friendly product, the guys are working constantly to improve it, and I got into it with no tutorials. Thank you!

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