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JAICP. Voice bots

Inbound and outbound
calls automation

JAICP-powered voice bots recognize speech, communicate like humans, and engage in rational dialogue. A single bot manages simultaneous calls to over 1000 customers

Robocalls and Conversational AI Voicebots are widely different.
Unlike robocalls AI voice bots:

Communicate like real-life agents, consult customers, deal with objections

Get smarter by learning from actual conversations with clients

Make and receive over 1000 calls on a daily basis

Run any scripts, from surveys to sales

Maintain and raise SL even during peak seasons

Get rid of call queueing

Help agents work more efficiently

Influence the growth of NPS loyalty

Inbound calls

Voice bot solves the issue of abandoned calls in queues


Time-saving and productivity growth


The bot handles most of the recurring inquiries

Examples of inbound call automation:

Bot as a personal assistant

  • Makes an appointment
  • Books tables, tickets, orders
  • Cancels and rebooks reservations
  • Transfers to the agent

Smart IVR based on speech technology

  • Groups calls by topic and department
    (smart call routing)
  • Identifies the problem and finds answers in the knowledge base
  • Asks clarifying questions

Bot for receiving complaints and filing applications

  • Identifies the issue
  • Logs the data necessary for filling out the application
  • Stores requests in CRM
  • Sends email notification to managers

Bot as a first line support

  • Identifies a problem through the dialogue
  • Handles common issues
  • Transfers complicated tasks to the agent
  • Works with Zendesk and other customer service software

Outbound calls

The bot calls debtors, conducts surveys or places orders. It works 24/7 and adjusts to local time zones


Simultaneous dialed calls


Average conversion per service order

Examples of outbound call automation

Effective debt collection calls

  • Sounds realistic and amplified
  • Deals with common objections
  • Dials multiple times

Reminders of all kinds

  • Informs customers about the order
  • Adds variable data into the script
  • Logs what the customer has decided
  • Selects a new date and time of delivery upon request

Presale script, telemarketing

  • Communicates like a real-life agent, engages in dialogue, asks questions
  • Answers FAQs
  • Processes objections
  • Logs the result in CRM

Feedback collection, NPS calculator

  • Runs a complex script with multiple answers
  • Calls back to ask more questions if needed
  • Saves the results in the database

Upsale, promoting loyalty programs

  • Calls customers with personalized offers
  • Warms up interest in the company's services
  • Encourages purchases and orders

Voice mailing, informing

  • Briefly informs
  • Shares the code word for a discount
  • Engages in simple dialogue and saves the response in CRM

Call recordings

These are real call recordings, so brand and product names are concealed for privacy reasons

Why Just AI

Speech recognition and synthesis, voice acting

  • Accurate live speech recognition
  • Speech synthesis including tone, pauses, stresses
  • Different voices

Natural-language understanding

  • Understanding long phrases, synonyms, slang
  • Grasping the sentence meaning, identifying the customer's intentions
  • Choosing the best answer from the knowledge base

Statistical reports and conversion analysis

  • Layout of dialogues for creating reports
  • Result measurement for each call
  • Storing audio recordings of all calls
  • Uploadin

Telephony and call settings

  • Setting up your own phone channel
  • Scheduling calls
  • Setting up the number of call attempts
  • Automatic time zone selection

Voice bot development tools

  • Code editor and visual builder
  • Testing and debugging environment
  • Simultaneous work of several project teams

Applying machine learning

  • Identifying problem areas in dialogues with customers
  • Training bot using examples of customer phrases
  • Testing quality of learning

Setting up transfer of dialogue to agent

  • Integration with chat platforms and online consultants
  • Configuring behavior when agents are busy
  • Saving dialogue history for the agent

All you need for the development of your own voice bot


Easy-to-use tools for designing voice bots: writing code and visual dialogue builder.

Campaign planner

All voice mailing settings are in one place: calendar, number of call attempts, time zone selection, pauses between calls.

Statistical reports

All the performance indicators required to evaluate the campaign in real-time: the results of calls with their statuses, the number of minutes remaining, the average duration of the dialogue.

Data for in-depth analysis

JAICP Ultimate (Just AI Conversational Platform Ultimate) stores all audio recordings and their transcribed text. It is easy for the supervisor to track the needed dialogue and analyze its result.

Machine learning tools

A smart bot can be trained using examples of real user phrases.

Not ready to do it on your own?
Leave it to us or our partners


We will analyze the existing calls from contact centers


Collect the dialogue logs, transcribe all the dialogues into text


Form a training knowledge base for the bot


Train the bot to identify the customer's problem and respond to it


Compose or correct the dialogue script


Come up with more response options and expand the script


Voice act the bot's phrases


Launch a pilot call campaign and improve the script

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