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As more people are joining the ranks of digital natives, holiday planning can now be a hassle-free and enjoyable experience with the help of smart bots and personal travel assistants. All the bookings, transfers and travel-related issues are easily handled by virtual agents.


of consumers use chatbots for faster communication with businesses


of businesses agree that bots resolve customer inquiries more quickly


of customers say Conversational AI changed their expectations of companies


of companies say bots step up employee productivity

Bots are carrying out simpler tasks more swiftly and efficiently

Simplifying holiday search

Bots can identify or learn to recognize vague search queries for a complex set of services, such as transportation to places of stay or visit. Not only can it help find an ideal hotel and the best flight deal, the bot can also locate car rentals, provide local weather forecasts and even take the customer’s dietary preferences into account.

Securing easy bookings

Chatbots let travelers find flight and hotel recommendations and book them via Facebook Messenger, Slack, or Skype. Such chatbots offer better and more personalized customer experience as compared to websites and apps. Some bots can also help save money.

Simplifying customer care management

Customer service bots allow users to communicate their inquiries confidentially, which the AI then automatically prioritizes and categorizes for easier handling. Users no longer need to waste their time looking for a contact number or directing their complaints to random staff members, as the bot can now provide the necessary assistance. In such a way, travel agencies can track problems and react promptly.

Offering local insights

Smart bots can provide information about tourist attractions, local food, as well as make sure that travelers do not get lost in the area. They can also provide tourists with airport guides and send flight status updates.

Allowing for a better expense management

Bots can make the user’s life much easier by entirely handling travel expenses. They can book flight tickets, sum up expenses, or even track the number of corporate spendings and purchases.

Virtual agents are gradually replacing human support in every industry

Just AI allows shifting customer interactions from conventional human support to automated, with agents being now able to deal with more complicated and challenging tasks.

Hi, I booked a flight with you and I need an airport pick up as well
Hello! Sure, could you give me your reference number, please?
PO 43525
Welcome back, Glen! You’re arriving at PDX, Portland, Oregon at 4:30 pm on July 6. Is that right?

What can our phone bots, chatbots, and voice skills do?

With Just AI you are not only “integrating a chatbot,” but also steadily remodeling your business towards automation, better service, and cost-effectiveness in a consistent and timely manner.

Chatbots built on a JAICP platform recognize live speech and misprints. They handle complex queries and acknowledge customers’ intents. Such bots can understand any question or statement. Be it text or voice, chatbots pick up on intents and behavioral patterns.

  • 98%

    client requests recognition rate

  • >65%

    positive evaluation

  • 85%

    pre-stored queries handling automation

  • by 60%

    employees outperform when working with a bot

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