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1 in 5

consumers use voice assistants to shop online


expect brands to have their own assistants


of smart speaker owners are open to personalized tips and information


of voice assistant owners do voice shopping


voice commerce sales will reach by 2022

Making use of voice commerce

Generate awareness and share information

Intelligent chatbots and voice assistants allow businesses to serve customers 24/7. They can swiftly provide them with important information via any channel and in a short span of time.

Create engagement and enhance customer service

A voice solution can learn from retail product data and customer service queries. This data may be used to boost customer engagement on the website and social media, and to create personalized communication with clients, improving the overall service experience.

Onboard new employees and customers

Our HR voice bot can take on the task of primary screening. It uses concrete characteristics or rings up candidates to specify the date and time for an interview. This customized solution can also be used for onboarding, training, and communicating with potential employees.

Enable transactions and arrange distribution

An AI-powered bot uses advanced NLP and machine intelligence to enable customers to have natural dialogues over various channels. This bot can check the t balance, view transactions, and make payments, allowing customers to transact with greater ease and convenience.

Integrate into product and improve operational efficiency

Conversational AI can make managing operations more efficient by providing real-time data, accessing the information on stock and ordering, volumes, sales figures, and management through voice-activated commands. Build your bot for specific customer-directed aims and customize NLP models based on their performance needs.

Collect feedback and respond to complaints

Chatbots automatically send reminders to your customers prompting them to write reviews and submit ratings. A chatbot can also respond to your customers’ complaints and prioritize negative feedbacks to handle them faster.

Process, track, and cancel orders

Automate order processes in an effective and low-cost way. Consider what consumers expect to get out of interaction and integrate your unique business logic. Let your shoppers track the status of their orders from order confirmation to delivery and get notifications when order status changes.

Assist both online and offline

Voice bots are not there to replace workers, but rather assist professionals in various tasks and simplify many operational processes. An intelligent bot can help your employees with stock balance and reports, while your buyers can get a 24/7 customer service.

Virtual agents are gradually replacing human support in each industry

With Just AI it is possible to shift interactions with customers from traditional human support to automated. That will relieve your live agents from routine and help them deal with more complicated and challenging tasks.

Hi! I’d like to change the delivery address for the order I made this morning
Sure, no problem! You can change the delivery address within 24 hours. Just tell me your name and the last 4 digits of your order
1234 Simmons
Okay Linda, now we know each other! Please enter your new address and I will replace it in the order

What our phone bots, chatbots, and voice skills can do?

With Just AI you don’t simply “integrate a chatbot”, but you steadily transform your business towards automation, better service, and cost-effectiveness in the consistent and right manner.

Chatbots built on a JAICP platform understand live speech and misprints. They handle complex queries and get customer’s intents. Thereby they would understand any question or statement, even the twisted one. Text or voice, they retrieve important information – intents, entities, and behavioral patterns.

  • 80%

    of standard questions can be solved by a chatbot

  • 30%

    of manpower, operation, and customer support costs can be reduced with the use of a bot

  • 65%

    of consumers prefer messaging apps to call centers

  • 95%

    of consumers believe that ‘customer service’ will benefit the most from chatbots

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