Platform JAICP

Full-fledged Conversational AI platform. Scalable. NLP-powered. Secured

JAICP Platform provides all tools and methods to design, train and deploy AI-driven chatbots and skills. A robust NLP engine runs on a combination of algorithms. It allows launching business-specific chatbots with high performance and great UX.

  • Full-cycle chatbot design framework
  • Synergy of STS-ML algorithms for training
  • Ultimate security and scalability
  • Up to 70% time saving on preliminary raw data exploration
  • Better accuracy of intent recognition
  • 14 channels from Amazon Alexa to Zendesk

Key personas to profit from Just AI Conversational Platform

The platform provides comprehensive tools for management & developers’ teams, linguists and analysts. It is a full-stack environment to launch enterprise grade chatbots and skills.

Visual UX editor

Efficient management of complex (over 400 states) conversational interfaces. Each state can be corrected. Add nodes and instantly test changes. This gives a detailed picture of a chatbot scenario and allows you to eliminate errors twice as fast.

Visual UX editor

Rich syntax for conversational flow building

JAICP DSL, a domain specific language for conversational flow development. It provides more lightweight and readable code for chatbot scenario. Just AI DSL allows JS embedding to implement complex business logic.

Rich syntax
Customizable NLP engine that fits your datasets and boosts AI-systems training

C.A.I.L.A (Conversational AI Linguist Assistant), a multilingual NLP engine, essential for linguists and developers. C.A.I.L.A provides various algorithms to apply on specific datasets, which ensures high accuracy of semantic analysis and data clusterization.


Preliminary data analysis

Logs clustering

Keywords research

Dublicates cleaning


Knowledge base construction

Intents definition

Domain entity modeling

Custom named entities


NLU models on top of knowledge base

STS algorithms

ML and deep learning

Rules-based approach


Commit knowledge base and models

Connect it to business logic or use for research properties

STS aligner

JAICP delivers outstanding results on Parafraser (RUS) и STS Benchmark (EN). On the fly supervised learning, no need to rebuild the NLU model.

STS-ML algorithms

Top-level performance on SNIPS dataset. Both supervised and unsupervised learning approaches.

Rules-based patterns

Best for refining STS or STS-ML results. Use JAICP DSL for easiest pattern description.

Best for refining STS or STS-ML results. Use JAICP DSL for easiest pattern description.


Platforms and systems

Powerful tools for content processing and
chatbot cognitive skills training

Dialogs parsing

JAICP allows to look through dialogs between AI-system and customers. Various filters are available.

AI-assistant’s replies markup

You can use built-in or custom tags to labeling dialogs according to the domain logic. Incorrect replies are helpful to enhance NLU classifier accuracy.

Everything under control with key statistics and customized reports

Performance monitoring

Statistics dashboard allows for controlling chatbot performance and collecting dynamic data on how customers interactions have changed.

Insights based on behavior

Reports like “Transfers to a live agent” and “Customer paths in dialogs” give a clear view of the chatbot’s weak points and help to improve it.

Custom reports

JAICP is enabling customizable reports that will reveal KPIs according to your business plan. StatAPI connection provides data export to PowerBI.

Secured, scalable and GDPR compliant either on-prem or in the cloud

Efficiency in the cloud

Secure and scalable service with declared SLA. Several geographically distributed data centers.

On premise delivery

Several hardware configurations to match certain load pattern. High load adopted architecture – single instance performs 400rps and 10M MAU. Horizontal scaling & load balancing capabilities.

Ultimately safe management

Enterprise class control over users roles. Assign roles and limit access to one user or a group. Role matrix can be configured per account.

Build AI systems for any purpose
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