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Start a two-way conversation with your audience

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Deliver the content your customers need at the moment they need it!

Modern consumer has all the power. They can get the answers they need precisely when they need them with the tap of their finger.
Brands must meet consumers when they’re ready, not when the brand is ready


of customers expect companies to communicate with them in real time


expect immediate response on sales or marketing questions


expect a deep understanding of their needs, reflected through personalized experiences

9 out of 10

consumers would like the option to use messaging to contact a business

Every 3rd

is frustrated by unresponsive brands having no service outside of business hours

Conversational Marketing is the next big thing

Conversational marketing is a feedback-oriented approach that uses AI-powered solutions like chatbots, live chat, and voice assistants.
With real-time, one-on-one conversations businesses can:

  • generate more qualified leads
  • scale brand awareness
  • save time and resources
  • enhance customer experience
  • drive customer engagement
  • develop customer loyalty


sales conversations


marketing qualified leads


meetings booked


better ROI


service customer costs


response rates with well-designed bots

AI-powered agents can be deployed on any channel and in any language

Whether you need a simple chatbot, a full-fledged voice assistant, or outbound calling to keep your customers well informed – we have the right expertise and experience to tackle any of your challenges

Generate more leads

Implement a smart bot to engage visitors, capture their contact information proactively, and pre-qualify leads

Get valuable insights

See clearly why the customer landed on your website, what they were looking for, and what product they are interested in

Provide better CX

Provide a more personalized experience to your customers, respound in a timely manner, and create authentic conversations

Shorten sales cycle

Check the balance, view transactions, and make payments, allowing customers to transact with greater ease and convenience

Highlight your brand with a voice-powered skill

Voice is a powerful tool for interacting with an audience.
Embrace the technology and create a story about your brand to engage customers or extend their product experience

Unique personification

Impactful campaigns


How Just AI empowers contact centers

The smart bot helps to choose the right paint and builds brand confidence

The leading paint company created a smart bot to help website visitors choose the right product

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What an agent bot can do?

  • Helps to pick the right paint among 200 other materials, aligning with a decision tree of 50 questions and 70 types of surfaces
  • Shows product characteristic, certificates, and labels
  • Understands queries even if the user misspelled the Finnish paint name
  • Answers FAQs
  • Finds the nearest shop
  • Serves over 100 queries during the weekends and 40 queries per night, automating 30% of work

Where: website, messengers, voice assistant

30% of work automated

>100 queries during the weekends and 40 queries per night

The in-car skill for the whole family

The in-car skill for Škoda entertains travelers and adds massive value to customers lives

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What the skill does:

  • Recognizes spoken queries, synonyms, and semantically similar phrases
  • Offers suggestions to car-travelers
  • Entertains kids and adults with exciting quests
  • Knows kids’ names, asks them riddles
  • Tells fun facts about animals and geographic areas

Where: PC, smartphones, Yandex.Navigator,
YandexStation smart speaker

The AI-powered robot Tanya calls clients and brings them back

Tanya, a phone agent at Dodo Pizza, started as a phone bot working for one pizza restaurant and made it to a large-scale business project powered by speech analytics for 50+ branches

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What Tanya can do?

  • Calls new and missing clients on schedule
  • Sends text messages with promo codes
  • Understands the context
  • Converts speech to text and saves it to CRM
  • Collects customer feedback
  • Repeats one’s question when the talking is indistinct
  • Analyses questions, makes out schedules and lists

Dodo Pizza is the largest pizza chain in Russia and one of Europe's fastest-growing restaurant chains

$10,000 Tanya made in 2 months

27% lead conversion rate

Why Just AI?

Tools built in response to users’ needs and tasks

Projects of various volumes and complexity levels

Perfect for the whole
project team

Flexible technologies:

  • Enterprise-grade features and seamless scaling
  • Award-winning NLU and flexible third-party integrations
  • 25+ channels in one license
  • Native integration into mobile apps and smart devices

Reliable industry expertise

  • 100+ corporate clients, including top banks and fintech companies
  • Rapidly growing implementation partner network
  • Strategy and consulting services
  • Strong technological partnerships

Get Conversational with your customers

Diving to Conversational Marketing is easy with Just AI. Start building humanlike, intelligent conversations through an automated service today!

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