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Improve your care and lower physicians’ workload

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In the healthcare industry human touch matters more than any other

Conversational AI brings an interactive, patient-centric approach to healthcare services through the usage of smart bots and virtual assistants.

It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions

  • 24/7/365 service
  • Deeper insights
  • Empathetic support
  • Personalized treatment
  • Scalable solutions
  • Reduced diagnostic errors


global health virtual assistant market
is expected to reach by 2025

The patients already use voice assistants to address their health issues:


ask about illness symptoms


search for medication information


look for hospital, clinic, or urgent care center location


ask about nutrition information and look for a doctor

The COVID-19 has accelerated the importance of healthcare technology

Clinician burnout and undersupply of healthcare workers could lead to low-quality care. But with patients’ data and AI physicians can easily determine the optimal care for a patient

52% of consumers want to use voice assistants on their smartphones for healthcare use cases

Healthcare assistant can be deployed on any channel and in any language

Whether you need a simple chatbot to enable remote consultations or a full-fledged voice assistant to automate healthcare’s most repetitive processes – we have the right expertise and experience to tackle any of your challenges:

Assistance to medical practitioners

Bots can help doctors access the right information on the go. Acting as an assistant, the bot offers medical users the right data through chat and is capable of searching through the vast database to find out detailed information on drug guides

Resolving FAQs

An interactive bot can become a one-stop-shop for all general queries that patients may have. They no longer have to call the healthcare center or waste time going through the website. Besides FAQ answers people may also find information on insurance coverage

Appointment bookings and remote consultations

Beyond the mere appointment booking, AI-powered bots can drive the consultation on the basis of the patient’s medical history. Smart bots can call patients reminding them of doctor appointments or some certain actions based upon the doctor’s advice

Personal health advisory

Smart bots can do things a nurse would do during a patient’s stay in a hospital – from reminding patients to take pills to track body weight, periods, and moods. The automated messaging system can also remind what the users must do if they forgot to take a pill

Hiring and training of employees

An HR bot can be used to send files to recruits when needed, remind them to complete their forms automatically, and automate other tasks for their employees, such as requests for maternity leave, vacation time, and others

Personal health apps

A health app is a great medical tool that can be used to store personal health information, record vital signs, calculate and track general state, schedule reminders, record physical activity, and form health habits

Bringing a human experience back to healthcare

Serve patients effectively with a virtual assistant
that mirrors human behavior

Unifying workflows

Reducing rework

Helping physicians

Revolutionize patient experience with Just AI

Voice assistant Polina to educate and train staff

A pharmaceutical company manufacturing medications and generics needed a solution for a clean production environment to practise proper hand hygiene. Plus, production of medicines implies a large number of instructions that are quite difficult to remember. So the company has equipped machine tools and smart displays with a voice assistant - now all employees can ask Polina to clarify instructions even if their hands are full.

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What Polina can do:

  • Knows answers to over 100 FAQS
  • Works as a phonebook
  • Reminds to take swabs from hands and clothes
  • Learns new questions and adds them to the database
  • Gathers extra information for service improvement

Where: smart displays, machine tools

Built with Aimylogic

A new WhatsApp channel for Renaissance Life

Renaissance Life is a life insurance company with over 70 branches throughout Russia and over 3 million clients

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What Renaissance clients get:

  • Clients can use WhatsApp messenger or a website widget to send an inquiry
  • The bot provides consultations on insured accidents and information on payouts on an insurance claim. Clients can check on the payment status, issue or determine a contract
  • All contacts are saved in CRM, the company’s employees can contact the client via message or a call
  • Calls and chats with complex queries are put to the agents

Where: WhatsApp

Built with Aimylogic

10,000 users in 2 months

20% drop in the number of requests

70% lead growth

A virtual assistant for Renaissance travelers

A virtual guide for a traveler advises, helps, and cares. The assistant knows some special things about traveling and staying in 41 countries and can tell the traveler how to avoid difficulties during the trip and how to prepare thoroughly for it.

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What the virtual assistant can do?

  • Knows everything about trips to 41 country
  • Answers custom regulations, VAT refund, medicine, transport, and visa-related questions
  • Assists in emergency situations: loss of passport or luggage (with consideration to regional laws)
  • Gets the context and asks clarifying questions
  • Verifies the user in an SOS situation and makes a request for an urgent call

Where: Facebook, Viber, Telegram

Built with Aimylogic

Why Just AI?

Tools built in response to users’ needs and tasks

Projects of various volumes and complexity levels

Perfect for the whole
project team

Flexible technologies:

  • Enterprise-grade features and seamless scaling
  • Award-winning NLU and flexible third-party integrations
  • 25+ channels in one license
  • Native integration into mobile apps and smart devices

Reliable industry expertise

  • 100+ corporate clients, including top banks and fintech companies
  • Rapidly growing implementation partner network
  • Strategy and consulting services
  • Strong technological partnerships

Get Conversational with your patients

Implementing Conversational AI is easy with Just AI. We are fluent in telehealth services and we have the right expertise and experience to ensure a successful project

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Conversational AI in Healthcare

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How Voice Technology and Wearable Devices Revolutionize Personal Wellness

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Use of Voice Assistants in Healthcare

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