Reforming healthcare with Conversational AI

From better patient communication to more efficient medication management, from assessing emergency situations to consulting on first aid, healthcare chatbots are here to help patients and ease the burden on medical professionals.


global health virtual assistant market is expected to reach in 2025


of users named 24/7 availability the chatbots’ best quality


of standard questions can be answered by chatbots


of doctors think chatbots would work best for scheduling appointments

How can conversational solutions transform healthcare organizations?

Assistance to medical practitioners

Bots can help doctors access the right information about drug dosage on the go so that they can guide the patient in the path they must follow. Acting as an assistant, the bot offers medical users the right data through chat and is capable of searching through the vast database to find out detailed information on drug guides.

Personal health advisory

Bots can do things a nurse would do during a patient’s stay in a hospital, from reminding patients to take pills to track body weight, periods, and moods. The automated messaging system can also remind what the users must do if they forgot to take a pill.

Promoting healthy eating habits

Chatbot is perfect for tracking nutritional intake and reducing weight. Bots can help automate the nutritional coaching process, like telling about the benefits of the food the users eat and the calorie each food item contains. Whatever food-related questions users have, bots can answer them as well.

Powering remote consultations

AI-powered bots can drive the consultation on the basis of the patient’s medical history and general information on various medical aspects. Disease symptoms that users report to the app get cross-checked against a vast database of diseases in the background to offer an appropriate solution. If necessary, patients can video chat with a real doctor.

Enabling self-diagnosing

With the algorithm backed by medical data, bots can help patients diagnose themselves. Healthcare bots use AI to note the symptoms and analyze them for detailed understanding. They are able to match users’ searches against a large repository of medical data. Acting as symptom inspectors, bots analyze medical state and offer appropriate solutions accordingly.

Monitoring dangerous symptoms

Symptoms like irregular breathing, breathlessness, or a dangerous heart rate can be related to a life-threatening health condition. Incorporated with a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, chatbots can monitor breathing and heart rate and will alert users with a chatbot message if there are any signs of danger. If a user does not respond, the bot will notify their emergency contacts. Health apps can act as a red panic button, warning users about dangerous symptoms or calling for emergency help.

Virtual agents are gradually replacing human support in each industry

With Just AI it is possible to shift interactions with customers from traditional human support to automated. That will relieve your live agents from routine and help them deal with more complicated and challenging tasks.

Hi, I want to change my appointment with Dr. Preston
Hello! Can I have your name, please?
John Smith
John, I see that you have an appointment with Dr. Preston at 3:15 pm on May 17.
Right, I want to change that

What our phone bots, chatbots, and voice skills can do?

With Just AI you don’t simply “integrate a chatbot”, but you steadily transform your business towards automation, better service, and cost-effectiveness in the consistent and right manner..

Chatbots built on a JAICP platform understand live speech and misprints. They handle complex queries and get customer’s intents. Thereby they would understand any question or statement, even the twisted one. Text or voice, they retrieve important information – intents, entities, and behavioral patterns.

  • 98%

    client requests recognition rate

  • >75%

    positive evaluationt

  • 85%

    prestored queries handling automation

  • 60%

    of employees outperform when working together with a bot

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