Raise the bar and provide excellent (exceptional) customer service with virtual agents

Modern-day businesses get a plethora of client inquiries through various channels, both text and voice. They need to be solved swiftly and accurately. AI-powered solutions like intelligent chatbots or smart outbound calls automate customer support, lead to streamline performance and reduce costs.


of customer engagements can be handled by bots


are lost by businesses annually due to poor customer service


of global consumers have a favorable view of brands that contact them with proactive customer service notifications


of Americans consider switching companies after a single instance of poor customer service


of consumers look forward to a consistent experience across multiple engagements channels

How to capitalize on voice agents for contact centers?

Automate customer support

Chatbots and voice agents contribute to call center efficiency by automating routine customer service tasks. Higher automation reduces operational costs by easing the workload of phone agents. A bot can simultaneously ring up to 200 people and automatically answer up to 90% of your customers’ FAQs – this allows agents to focus on more important tasks and increase their motivation.

Personalize user experiences and offer recommendations

People are looking for a personal touch in their conversations. Intelligent bots learn from the customer’s previous transactions and deliver personalized interactions to improve engagement. The average conversion rate for outbound phone sales campaigns is 20%.

Give access to account information

Use voice biometrics and NLP to analyze the behavioral patterns of a customer’s voice when they call the customer center to access the account and compare it with the stored voiceprint. This saves the time of providing multiple identifications and remembering the answers to the security questions, effectively enhancing the customer satisfaction rate by 35%.

Set notifications

A voice call is more profitable and efficacious than a text message, and three times as much information can be rendered using it. Moreover, according to our polls, less than 1% of users can distinguish a calling bot, meaning that customers would listen to your message till the end.

Give your agents a digital advisor

Improve call center performance with a bot that assists your agents during interactions with customers. A bot can help them enhance their knowledge bases with the coach hints that come quick and unbeknownst to customers.

Save message history

Bot keeps the context and past history of the conversation so that users do not have to repeat themselves.

Receive staff queries

To quickly solve problems that address technical matters (problem-solving, software configure, etc.), a bot receives queries and passes them to your tech support. Thereby your customers stay completely unaware of any woes and your agents don’t spend time to bother with things they know nothing about.

Virtual agents are gradually replacing human support in each industry

With Just AI it is possible to shift interactions with customers from traditional human support to automated. That will relieve your live agents from routine and help them deal with more complicated and challenging tasks.

Hi, my name is Valet! I am a bot and I can help you with the calculation of expenses or order placement
Hi! I need my house to be cleaned by this Thursday. Can I place an order?
Sure! You need to have a cleaning done by Thursday, am I right?
Yes, Wednesday if possible
-Of course, I can confirm Wednesday. May I know your name, phone number, and address?

What our phone bots, chatbots, and voice skills can do?

With Just AI you don’t simply “integrate a chatbot”, but you steadily transform your business towards automation, better service, and cost-effectiveness in the consistent and right manner.

Chatbots built on a JAICP platform understand live speech and misprints. They handle complex queries and get customer’s intents. Thereby they would understand any question or statement, even the twisted one. Text or voice, they retrieve important information – intents, entities, and behavioral patterns.

  • 98%

    client requests recognition rate

  • >75%

    positive evaluation

  • 85%

    prestored queries handling automation

  • 60%

    of employees outperform when working together with a bot

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