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Utilize the next-gen technology to meet rising customer expectations

Hello Sir!
Yeah, hello.
John Smith, right?
This is True Bank calling, my name is Linda. Is now a good time?
I’m all ears.
A unique credit card is now available for you – it allows you to get access to the bank’s funds for up to 100 days, interest-free. All you need to do is to complete a brief form with our manager during this call. Would you like to try it?
Sounds great, but I’m not sure I really need it.
I see, that is why I’m offering you to complete the form and get a lending decision first. After that, you can take some time to think it over. Should we proceed?
Um yeah, well, I don’t know. There should be a payment for the plastic, right?
First year free. And then $8.00 per month.
Okay, let’s try this.
Great, thank you! I’m going to connect you with our manager now. Hold the line, please.

Voice AI is a hot investment

Call and contact centers worldwide use Just AI tools to support digital channels


customer self-service


FAQs answered right


reduction of calls and repeated queries


positive response to AI-powered agents

How AI is revamping the call center?

AI-powered bots can be deployed on any channel and in any language

Whether you need a simple chatbot or a full-fledged voice assistant – we have the right expertise and experience to tackle any of your challenges:

Inbound calls

An intelligent agent can easily handle peak times. Relieve your human agents of mundane tasks, while keeping the highest level of service

  • Hotline, FAQs, products and services information
  • Automatic sorting of incoming messages
  • Helpline for paying clients with a bot+human agent support
  • Tech support
  • Bookings

Agent empowering

Customer support bot or intelligent IVR system can handle 65-98% of requests, allowing human employees to handle complex transactions, reducing errors and re-work

Outbound calls

Conversational agents can be set off by a CRM trigger: they can politely remind about due payments and appointments, offer related goods, conduct NPS surveys or collect delivery information

  • Information sharing
  • Researches and polling
  • Lead generation
  • Customer reactivation
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Reminders
  • NPS and CSI surveys

Agent assistance

An AI-powered bot can assist an agent through the desktop by listening in on the call, popping up hints and prompts of what to say or what required disclaimers to give the customer

Combine multi-intent understanding with contextual awareness

Communicate internally and externally through applications and websites using natural language. The virtual assistant adapts to changes in the business' offerings, processes APIs, and data with minimal manual adjustments

Customer Satisfaction

Call Containment

First Call Resolution

How Just AI empowers contact centers

The Belka bot to replace first-line support agents

A carsharing service BelkaCar needed a representative bot to provide customer support and elevate brand image

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What Belka bot can do?

Belka bot identifies vehicle brand, city, and parking area through the dialog. It reduces agent attrition, answers FAQs on 20 different topics, informs about mobile app registration, fares, rental zones, parking policies, things lost in a car, technical problems, petrol card usage, etc. In an emergency, the bot transfers the dialog to a human agent.

Channels: website, mobile app

20 different topics a bot can speak about

The assistant bot for a streaming service as a viable substitute to a call center

A Viasat-owned movie streaming platform ViP Play used Aimylogic to build a delicate bot to field customer service requests and complaints

Read more


What support bot can do?

The ViP Play company used to command the services of an outsourced contact center, but agents didn’t always adhere to the corporate style of communication. This led to negative feedback and client attrition. The streaming service turned to the Aimylogic builder to create a polite bot. The bot now helps with account registration and subscription management, brings leads to the website, and works seamlessly with a CRM system.

Channels: website, Facebook, Telegram, VK

200-250 users per month

2600 unique requests handled over 1 year

The smart robot at a flower shop with a 33% conversion

A smart bot built with Aimylogic made 24,000 calls right before International Women’s Day

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What a smart bot can do?

The smart call bot offered to buy flowers the day before International Women's Day and 19,657 clients said YES. This bot not only recognizes one-word answers like yes/no or numbers but also natural language, slang, acronyms, and synonyms. The bot can also handle objections and suggests calling back in case the client is busy.

33% call conversion

Why Just AI?

Tools built in response to users’ needs and tasks

Projects of various volumes and complexity levels

Perfect for the whole
project team

Flexible technologies:

  • Enterprise-grade features and seamless scaling
  • Award-winning NLU and flexible third-party integrations
  • 25+ channels in one license
  • Native integration into mobile apps and smart devices

Reliable industry expertise

  • 100+ corporate clients, including top banks and fintech companies
  • Rapidly growing implementation partner network
  • Strategy and consulting services
  • Strong technological partnerships

Hold a personalized conversation at scale with Conversational AI

Switching to Conversational is easy with Just AI – we have the right expertise and experience to ensure a successful project

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How to Win Over 5K Lost Customers Back with an AI Robot for a Contact Center

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How to Convince Customers to Use Chatbot Instead of Calls

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