• 12-13-2021

  • 6 min read

  • Anna Prist

7 AI Marketing Use Cases That Will Work For You Too

Marketing is changing more rapidly with each new day and to be good at it, professionals have to stay informed of the whole enchilada — social media, content marketing, SEO, PPC, and etc. Tech marketing trends are something that should be the primary consideration here. This is connected with the fact that technologies affect our lives much more than ever before. 


Artificial Intelligence and Conversational AI, in particular, is the new trend and it has strong indications. Last year has shown that the smart speaker market is the most rapidly growing sector of consumer electronics ever — it has outpaced and almost doubled the smartphone market penetration. And the global Conversational AI Market is expected to rise up to an estimated value of $27.08 billion by 2026. The main drivers here are mass adoption and a broad application to business processes and commerce. While sonic experiences become mainstream, voice solutions like intelligent chatbots and smart assistants already solve customer’s pain points and discover new opportunities.

The best part here, voice can brighten up any business — whether it is a big-name clothing brand or a metplant. One has only to think of the specific case where voice would be a perfect fit. To give you some idea, we’ve gathered real voice solutions that serve specific business functions. First of all, let’s see what the major brands do with voice:

Hyping up your brand

Over 15,000 orders for $350 shoes in 6 minutes


Nike keeps the throne with their campaign held during the basketball game. Advertised shoes were sold in 6 minutes when over 15000 people did their orders via Google Assistant using voice only. This goes to prove that a perfect fit here — is a real game where real athletes are wearing product in the moment. In fact, Nike is ahead of this voice game — a short time ago, the company has announced new kicks that can be controlled through Siri.

Product promotion

50K samples redeemed in 3 days, 47% opt-in rate, 24000 prospects


Show your customers a new way to reach you and give them something free! Send me a sample campaign is brilliant in its simplicity. It’s a promotion method where customers can ask voice assistants to send them product samples. DKNY, Nutella, Coca-Cola, and others have already taken advantage of this voice-first interaction and according to their statements, free samples help them grow their advertising sales and gain an edge over Facebook and Google. Coca-Cola shows an outstanding record here with its Diet Coke campaign — 50K samples were redeemed in just 3 days.

Teasing audience

First-of-its-kind product drop


Recently another big brand, Reebok, decided to promote their limited edition sneakers, inspired by musician Cardi B, via voice. 50 people had the chance to win a pair by signing up via Amazon and Google Home. All participants had to do is ask Alexa or Google to “open Reebok Sneaker Drop” and then follow the prompts which include providing basic information like their age and email. Applicants could find out whether they won by asking their virtual assistant “Ask Reebok Sneaker Drop if I won.” Needless to say, this promotion has drawn not only the brand enthusiasts’ attention.
But Conversational Marketing doesn’t just work for big brands, it can help Enterprises, SMBs, eateries, telcos, bloggers and influencers, literally, anyone! Let’s see how business worldwide implements cool voice solutions (Just AI use cases):

Additional promo channel

Boosted user engagement and high retention rate


The famous Russian TV host who has her own cooking show was looking for an additional promotion channel. A cooking skill that is available on any voice-enabled device was developed. It’s aware of the cooking time, dish components and it would share some secret ingredients and cooking lifehacks. Acting as a real-time guide, it reads out a recipe and shows a meal’s pictures step-by-step. Cooking is a great voice assistant pairing and we can see that the retention rate is increasing with each day.

CX enhancement

Happy employees and service level of 90%


Okay, here’s a real challenge: how do you enhance CX while reducing the burden on staff? Nice and easy! A major booking service that sells railway and plane tickets had to reduce the number of calls, automate FAQ and keep costs down. We implemented an intelligent chatbot, and as a result, online booking processing time was cut from 4.5 to 3 minutes. Call center spending reduced by 25% and service level metrics increased up to 90%. You can read more about this experience here.

Boosted personalization

Bot handles 85% of requests, ensuring 50% NPS score


A chatbot solution suits any big customer-centric organization. Moreover, now it is expected that these companies would have 24/7 support. That’s why telecom companies were the first ones to update their omnichannel strategy with a voice solution. We developed a chatbot for a major mobile network operator. This chatbot understands free-ranging text queries, even the misprints. It identifies a customer and builds a dialog basing on the whole chat history. While having access to the internal systems, it gives personalized data and helps to charge up subscriber’s balance. Now 85% of client requests are handled by the bot itself. A good number of 998 770 cases were handled by the bot within 5 months, giving the excellent 50% NPS score!

Omnichannel strategy

+ 33700 queries per quarter


For one of our pizza delivery clients, we’ve built a voice skill with a flexible NLU (Natural Language Understanding). Now their customers can put all order items in one phrase. That means a chatbot would understand correctly even the “Two Margheritas coke diet four cheese and a desert” order. The skill takes and cancels orders, it keeps track of location and contacts — it doesn’t ask the same questions again and again. No time wasted, no social anxiety — clients love it! Now, this pizza delivery enjoys extra 33700 queries per quarter.


This is just a small selection of the real success stories, but Conversational AI can solve any marketing task. Moreover, Conversational Marketing is not limited to chats and skills. You can create your own voice assistant or a smart device — there are no boundaries. Give your brand a voice and start a conversation with your customers! In case you need any help or advice — we are always happy to help.

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