Conversational Banking

Modern customers need a two-way conversation with a bank when handling finances.
Make it happen!

Hi! How can I help you today?
Tell me about my previous month’s spending
You spent $1,644.55. Would you like to know what you spent it on?
No. How much do I have left on my credit account?
You’ve got $3,356
And how much is there left to repay on my loan?
You’ve got $9,331.13 left to repay

We are trusted by forward-thinking banks

Leading fintech companies use Just AI tools
and get excellent results


Customer self-service


FAQs answered


Support team capacity increased


Positive response to banking assistant

Smart banking assistant
at your service

AI-powered bots can be deployed
on any channel and in any language

Whether you need a simple chatbot or a full-fledged voice assistant –
we have the right expertise and experience to tackle any of your challenges:

Superior Customer Support

Banking assistant answers FAQs, sends notifications, provides information on loan and other legal arrangements, shares analytics, and helps with navigation via both text and voice channel

Information sharing

Smart assistant delivers individualized messages on services and products, makes proactive suggestions, using preferred voice/text channel of communication with customer

Voice automation in call centers

Appointment reminders, special offers, upsales and cross sales – all of this is possible with a banking assistant. Automate outbound and inbound call flows with AI-powered calls

Effective Internal Communications

An assistant reduces time spent on office operations – it provides information to various parties swiftly, assists employees in their daily enterprise activities, and automates HR functions, enhancing the productivity of employees

Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is more than a two-way conversation, and it is therefore necessary to communicate to customers with consistency. A voice skill – whether it is an educative experience or a voice game – enables companies to speak to their customers the same language

Debt collection calls

Outbound calls made by an AI-powered assistant brings human touch to your services while removing the stigma associated with debt collection. Implement a flexible assistant that sounds professionally and authoritatively

Break new ground with a full-featured voice assistant

Create a custom banking assistant that meets your challenges, keeps people engaged, excited and coming back. Give your brand a voice and build an assistant your customers can depend on

Streamlined Banking

Increased Accessibility

Biometric Security

A banking virtual assistant is pre-trained with 50+ banking use cases to handle most of the regular customer requests

AI in banking is paying dividends


of consumers ask for voice assistant features within their favorite mobile apps


AI-powered bots saved banks in 2019


of customer interactions could be automated in banks with the chat option by 2022


in operational cost savings banks will get from using bots by 2023

How Just AI is empowering banking

The Qiwi chatbot that takes the pressure off the phone agents

QIWI is an ecosystem of payment products and services. QIWI owns an integrated payment network that allows deliver payments via different channels for online and offline payments

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What can Qiwi chatbot do?

  • Instantly reacts to customer inquiries
  • Answers questions about services and products
  • Helps to create a wallet account
  • Guides on wallet refill, payments, and verification
  • Responds to RFIs
  • Retains the context and puts the call to an agent when facing challenging questions

656,100 inquiries were handled between February and June 2020

39% automatization during the first week

“Quick is an AI-powered bot, he understands overall context and uses offbeat answers, acting like a real friend”

Timur Weisman, senior specialist, domestic product development, Qiwi

The Banking Agent Assistant and InfoBots

InfoBots respond to customer queries, while the agent assistant intelligently prompts relevant replies and responses to the human agent

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What can InfoBots do?

  • Get the meaning of the question and the customer’s intent
  • Find nearest offices and ATMs
  • Work as a currency converter

What can Banking Agent Assistant do?

  • Instantly reacts to customer inquiries, retains the context and intent
  • Shows relevant replies to an agent

4x Monthly service rate has grown up from 20,000 to 80,000 inquiries

50% Support team capacity increased

The callbot that never misses a call

A fintech callbot handles inbound calls in Brazilian and Russian languages

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What a callbot can do?

  • Takes phone calls instantly
  • Recognizes live speech, slang, and synonyms
  • Answers FAQs and insurance questions
  • Teaches how to collect insurance money
  • Provides nearest office address and working hours
  • Puts the call to an agent when facing challenging questions

40% Contact center load dropped

-30% Number of inbound call agents declined

-20% Missed calls reduced

38% Increased automation of processes

21,000 Monthly sessions are handled by callbot

Why Just AI?

Tools built in response to users’ needs and tasks

Projects of various volumes and complexity levels

Perfect for the whole
project team

Flexible technologies:

  • Enterprise-grade features and seamless scaling
  • Award-winning NLU and flexible third-party integrations
  • 25+ channels in one license
  • Native integration into mobile apps and smart devices

Reliable industry expertise

  • 100+ corporate clients, including top banks and fintech companies
  • Rapidly growing implementation partner network
  • Strategy and consulting services
  • Strong technological partnerships

Get Conversational with your customers

We are fluent in banking and fintech, we have the right expertise and experience to ensure a successful project. Meet the demands of customers who want smarter ways to access, spend, and invest their money today!

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Conversational Banking: Secret to Winning Financial UX

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