Personalize financial services with Conversational Banking

Today’s customers expect banking and insurance to be responsive, customized, and channel-agnostic. With conversational solutions, you can deliver automated customer care, boost employee productivity, find new channels to market your services, generate new accounts, and bring a personal touch to financial services.


in operational cost savings banks will get from using chatbots by 2023


of customer interactions could be automated in banks with chatbots by 2022


of insurance executives think AI will disrupt the way insurers get information from clients


of consumers will be happy to get computer-generated insurance advice

What can conversational solutions do for banking?

Deliver 24/7 customer care

Conversational AI solutions allow companies to handle a large volume of interactions without having to hire additional staff. Bots can drastically reduce call center load by automating queries like finding the nearest ATM or bank branch, or providing assistance with password reset or blocking a lost card.

Offer financial advisory

Smart bots let users keep their finances in check thanks to such features as budget planning, spending analysis, and discount notifications. Bots can work for customer’s convenience, managing multiple accounts, directly checking their bank balance and expenses on particular things.

Ensure instant emergency handling

In today’s world, an instant chat feature is what digital ‘always-on’ consumers expect. This is particularly vital in emergency situations. Bots can promptly address urgent requests, collect the necessary information and transfer the query to a human agent so that customers are never left alone with their problems.

Foster lead nurturing

When clients visit a bank website that has a bot greeting and navigating them, chances are the customer will end up with an account opening or a new purchase.

Give banking a personal touch

Conversational AI enables financial institutions to have intelligent, two-way conversations with their customers as well as deliver highly-personalized experiences. This leads to enhanced customer engagement and improved operational efficiencies – a true win-win scenario.

Easily collect customer feedback

The process of insurance extension can be tedious, but conversational apps can save a lot of time for customers. A bot can remind that the current insurance is about to expire, and offers to book a meeting with an agent right away. Powered by recycled and reused customer data, an AI bot can spare customers the much-hated form-filling and paperwork.

Virtual agents are gradually replacing human support in each industry

With Just AI it is possible to shift interactions with customers from traditional human support to automated. That will relieve your live agents from routine and help them deal with more complicated and challenging tasks.

Hello, I was told that you’ve reduced annual payments on the “SaveMore” deposit. I don’t want to lose money! Are there any other deposits?
Hello, Ryan! Your annual income will not change. We agree on the amount of annual interest when we sign the contract. So this percentage will not change until the contract is expired.

What our phone bots, chatbots, and voice skills can do?

With Just AI you don’t simply “integrate a chatbot”, but you steadily transform your business towards automation, better service, and cost-effectiveness in the consistent and right manner..

Chatbots built on a JAICP platform understand live speech and misprints. They handle complex queries and get customer’s intents. Thereby they would understand any question or statement, even the twisted one. Text or voice, they retrieve important information – intents, entities, and behavioral patterns.

  • 98%

    client requests recognition rate

  • 85%

    prestored queries handling automation

  • >75%

    positive evaluation

  • by 60%

    employees outperform when in tandem with a bot

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