AI assistants for customer support and contact center optimization

AI robots can take up to 98% of common requests addressed to call centers and helpdesk services. Which the ability to understand spoken and written natural language, recognize returning customers, exchange data with CRM and BPM, they became a part of companies’ ecosystems.

AI assistants effortlessly handle contact center issues

Processing millions of requests 24/7/365

Smart assistant easily handles frequently asked questions during peak times. It can efficiently address the most common requests regarding app and website outages, as well as maintenance works. Relieve your human agents of mundane tasks, while keeping the highest level of service!

Replacing first line operators

Customer support chatbot or intelligent IVR system can handle 65-98% of requests. With ML and DL algorithms we can automate raw logs (dialogs) processing and large datasets clustering, which significantly speeds up bot development.

Accelerating ordering process

Smart bots can interview clients and take up tp 100% of requests, complaints and orders. Bots help eliminate wait time and hand completed order forms over to human agents, boosting their efficiency.

Making interactive outbound calls

Conversational bots can be set off by a CRM trigger: they can politely remind about due payments and appointments, offer related goods, conduct NPS surveys or collect delivery information.

Conversational apps ensure consistent quality of service across all channels

  • Conversational skills for Amazon’s Alexa

  • Smart actions for Google Assistant

  • Chatbots for messengers and social networks

  • Dialog bots for contact centers

  • Conversational skills for smart devices and toys

  • Consultant bots for websites

Use cases


AI assistant for MTS is available for authorized users in a personal account, both on web and in-app. It has already proved to process 8 of 10 queries. It carries out about one million conversations monthly acting as the first-line support.


For the Wallet App, we enabled the automated processing of email requests to the customer support team. Now, AI chatbot Alina handles up to 98% of frequently asked questions.


An in-app AI-powered chatbot helps the bank’s clients. Right after its launch, the bot started handling over 20,000 customer interactions monthly.


Innovative channels like a chatbot and live chat allowed Ozon.Travel to leverage call-center resources. Some 25% of live agents were switched to solving more complex tasks.

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