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Business-ready Conversational AI

Part of the i-Free technology group, Just AI builds natural conversational experiences since 2011. Focusing on business processes automation via virtual assistants, chatbots and AI-powered dialog systems, we build engaging voice and text-based interfaces through rich content and awesome development tools.

"People behind Just AI are serial entrepreneurs, seasoned marketers, computational linguists, and developers. Our brilliantly diverse team is focusing on research, development, and implementation of Conversational AI systems. Proprietary NLU engine and hybrid approach to chatbot training using both linguistic and machine learning models allow our AI systems to replace human resources in numerous cases."

Our R&D team is continually elaborating datasets, testing them on multiple NLP algorithms, which allow us to achieve ultimate precision of intent recognition. By the combination of rule-based framework and machine learning tools, we provide our corporate clients from banks, e-commerce, telecommunications, delivery services with language-specific chatbots.

The most frequent use cases of our solutions


Brands that use our solutions

Enterprise-grade and SMB-friendly products

Multilingual conversational platform

Just AI Conversational Platform is an end-to-end solution for development, testing, and deployment of chatbots and virtual assistants with NLU. It helps corporations to reduce up to 60% costs for customer support by replacing or amplifying first-line workers.

Chatbots and voice skills builder

A versatile tool for building conversational chatbots and NLU skills. Friendly visual editor for the fastest scenario development. Integration with multiple platforms and channels: from WeChat to smart speakers.

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Conversational intelligence for devices

Aimybox teaches robots, smart devices and toys to speak, think and be helpful. Aimybox-enabled devices are valuable as elderly people assistants, kids’ teachers, and babysitters, office workers’ assistants. A rich voice skills store provides dozens of out-out-of-the-box content for businesses and manufacturers.

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JAICP Platform

JAICP Platform provides all tools and methods to design, train and deploy AI-driven chatbots and skills. A robust NLP engine runs on a combination of algorithms. It allows launching business-specific chatbots with high performance and great UX.

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Insights and achievements in Conversational AI

Award-wining conversational robots
We’ve worked out a concept of a robot that can be a friend and tutor. Aelos by Leju and BeanQ by Roobo now can teach and entertain children.
Grand Prix of the leading chatbots contests
Our chatbots won the anniversary competition TURING 100 and took the main prize of the chatbot contest held by Russia's Innovation Center Skolkovo. The judges couldn’t distinguish them from people while chatting, which ensured victory.
First mobile assistants with AI
In 2011, the first conversational assistant Pocket Blonde was released. This app still has one of the highest user ratings among similar ones on Google Play.
Smart skills for devices
"We develop voice and text skills for robots, toys, smart home systems. Devices with our NLU capabilities perform dozens of useful functions, from ordering a taxi to translating words into different languages."

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