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Business-ready Conversational AI

Part of i-Free technology group, Just AI builds natural conversational experiences since 2011. Focusing on business processes automation via virtual assistants, chatbots and AI-powered dialog systems, we build engaging voice and text-based interfaces through rich content and development tools.

Our team is focusing on research, development, and implementation of Conversational AI systems. Proprietary NLU engine and hybrid approach to chatbot training using both linguistic and machine learning models allow our AI systems to replace human resources in numerous cases.

By combining rule-based approach and machine learning tools, we provide our corporate clients from banks and e-commerce to telecommunications and delivery services with language-specific chatbots. Our R&D team is continually elaborating datasets, testing them on multiple NLP algorithms, which allow us to enhance intent recognition.

The most frequent use cases of our solutions


Brands that use our solutions

Enterprise-grade and SMB-friendly products

Multilingual conversational platform

Just AI Conversational Platform (JAICP) is an end-to-end solution for development, testing, and deployment of chatbots and virtual assistants with NLU. It helps corporations reduce costs on customer support by replacing or amplifying first-line agents.

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JAICP Smart calls

Inbound and outbound call automation: sales, surveys, information, and smart IVRs. A solution for enterprises and call centers powered by JAICP conversational platform.

Visual chatbots’ builder

Aimylogic enables SMBs to create AI-powered chatbots for websites and apps and skills for voice assistants. Multiple platforms and channels are supported: from Google Assistant to WeChat.

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Outbound calls automation for SMBs

Aimylogic. Voice Calls is a helpful tool for building conversational voicebots the carry out surveys, help confirm orders, collect data for further logistics

Conversational intelligence for devices

Aimybox teaches robots, smart devices and toys to speak, think and be helpful. Aimybox-enabled devices are valuable as elderly people assistants, kids’ teachers, and babysitters, office workers’ assistants. A rich voice skills store provides dozens of out-out-of-the-box content for businesses and manufacturers.

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A powerful toolset for computational linguists and data scientists. CAILA aggregates NLP methods to speed up logs labeling, allows for ML algorithms adjustment and assessment, helps build labeled datasets to train and validate models

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Insights and achievements in Conversational AI

Interactive conversational robots
We came up with a concept of a robo tutor or robo friend that can entertain and teach kids math, languages, geography. Our conversational skills are now in Roobo’s Pudding and Leju’s Aelos robots.
Grand Prix of the leading chatbots contests
Our chatbots won the anniversary competition TURING 100 and took the main prize of the chatbot contest held by Russia's Innovation Center Skolkovo. The judges couldn’t distinguish them from people while chatting, ensured victory.
First mobile assistants with AI
Since 2011, we have released a line of conversational assistants. Our lifelike characters Everfriends won one of the highest favorability ratings among the similar apps on Google Play.
Voice skills and content
We develop voice skills for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, robots, toys, smart home systems. Smart devices with NLU perform dozens of helpful functions from taxi ordering to translating into different languages.
Scientific conference on AI and NLU
We are co-founders of AINL Conference that brings together computational linguists, NLP engineers, AI researchers and data scientists.
Conference on Conversational AI
The first Conversations Conference took place in 2018. It is aimed at both businesses and developers. Keynote speakers: Google, Yandex, Tinkoff, Sberbank, MTS, Tikkurila, MegaFon.


Kirill Petrov, Ph.D.
Founder and Managing Director

A tech visionary, Kirill has over 20 years of experience in creating exceptional Internet businesses. He founded i-Free group, that comprises 17 successful companies specializing in fin-tech, video gaming, AI and media content. With a Ph.D. in Economics, Kirill is a regular contributor to industry media and a frequent speaker at conferences.

Julia Ryzh, Chief Marketing Officer

For the last 12 years, Julia has been involved in various marketing roles at tech software companies and startups. A Communications major, she has a passion for driving emerging technologies forward, building stellar teams and putting together large-scale industry events.

Dmitry Chechetkin, Strategic Projects Director

With years of experience in applying complex NLU technologies to market needs, Dmitry directly contributed to the development of NLU platform, voice assistant, smart home voice control projects and more. UseYoVoice project founder, Dmitriy has developed an open AI platform zenbot.org, the first Russian speaking voice assistant Dusi, local AI embedding system Aggregate, and the first voice-driven cellphone for visionary impaired people.

Hayden Hong, CEO at Just AI China

With extensive expertise in intelligent video products, Hayden has been involved in large-scale computer vision and machine learning consulting projects. Before joining Just AI, he managed the R&D team in China Global Research Center and released video object detection products globally.

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