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About Just AI

Helping businesses catch the wave of Сonversational AI with right technologies, tools, and expertise

Since 2011, we have developed our own NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology with a focus on Conversational Artificial Intelligence. With all those years of experience and projects behind us, we are keen to share our best practices and expertise with a global community. Having designed a unique full-stack conversational AI portfolio, we are catering to the needs of all kinds of audiences.

We believe it is our mission to fill in the knowledge gap in the industry and do our best to educate our clients as well as the voice tech community in general.

A new tech wave has already arrived at our shores, with voice assistants, smart devices, smart screens, and messaging apps creating new channels of communication and interactions. To surf the wave of Conversational AI, you need the right board and someone to guide you effectively

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The four pillars of our mission





Just AI tools


Our company launches its own code samples, deployment practices, tools, and analytics for public access

We organize two leading conferences on Conversational AI in Eastern Europe, and offer free educational webinars.

Our experts speak at such forefront events as Voice Summit and Project Voice.

As part of a major IT group that was ranked sixth on the Forbes regional list,

we have access to the expertise of our sister companies in industries like e-payments, food tech, retail, game publishing, and cloud technologies to build exceptional products and solutions.

At the forefront of change

Our highlights

The first interactive horror game for Google Assistant

The leading conversational AI conference

Since 2018, we’ve been hosting Conversations — a conversational AI conference for businesses and developers, where the likes of Google and Yandex share insights and use cases.

The first mobile AI assistants

We released our first family of virtual 3D assistants back in 2012. The apps received some of the highest user ratings on Google Play at the time.

Award-winning tools and technologies

Advanced conversational robots

The friendly robot tutors, which we created together with Roobo and Leju, can teach kids math, languages, geography, or just chat with them.

AI skills for smart devices

We enhance robots, toys, and smart home devices with voice controls, enabling them to perform dozens of useful tasks, from translation to booking a taxi.

Academic conference in AI and NLU

Smart toys

Together with the educational tech startup Mishka.ai, we created an AI-powered teddy bear that helps children learn through play.

Actions for Google Assistant

We were among the first ones to make NLU-actions for Google Assistant. Based on our experience, we created a platform for businesses where they could develop their own customer support actions.

Our Leaders






Kirill Petrov

Ph.D. Founder and Managing Director

A tech visionary himself, Kirill has over 20 years of experience in creating exceptional Internet businesses. He founded the i‑Free group that comprises 17 successful companies specializing in fin‑tech, video gaming, AI and media content. With a Ph.D. in Economics, Kirill is a regular contributor to industry media and a frequent speaker at conferences.

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