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All-in-one solution for businesses and developers to launch voice-powered assistants and chatbots

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High-performing Conversational AI

Be at the forefront of technologies solving your business issues with AI assistants and chatbots. Industry-specific and NLU-powered, they communicate in your language and maintain exceptional CX.

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Conversational AI assistants are replacing plain chatbots and IVR

With Just AI, companies are launching intelligent assistants that gradually take over up to 85% of recurrent tasks. They are human-like, language and industry specific and they learn fast. Any channel of communication with customers or employees can be automated using a smart chatbot.

  • Chatbots for messaging apps

  • Conversational skills for Amazon Alexa

  • Conversational skills for Google Assistant

  • Voice assistants for contact centers

  • Dialogue skills for smart speakers and robots

  • Virtual assistants for websites

Just AI Conversational Platform

An enterprise-level platform to build, train and host your NLU-powered assistants

Combination of Just AI DSL syntax and machine learning algorithms deliver outstanding results in intent recognition and provide better speed in chatbots training. The platform is secure and easily managed for fast and convenient deployment.

  • 90%

    Automate up to 80-90% of recurrent requests

  • x2

    Speed up new employees onboarding

  • 50%

    Enhance customer support and helpdesk

  • 95%

    Maintain highest Service Level

Universal Chatbot Builder

  • Build chatbots in a convenient way with drag-and-drop editor.

  • Teach your chatbot to understand speech with NLP core.

  • Scale your bot to any channel: Messenger, Viber, Slack, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Zendesk.

  • Make your chatbot industry-specific by adding named entities.

  • Integrate your bot with a web chat to offer support from a live agent.

  • Track your bot performance with analytics dashboard.

Aimybox teaches smart devices how to speak, think and be truly helpful

Make your device more competitive and valuable with ready skills stack like weather forecasts, taxi hiring, currency converter, Wiki-seach or multilanguage translation. Dozens of handy skills are added without coding, most of them are voice-enabled. For more complicated issues like smart homes, robots for kids and elderly people use our Conversational Platform.

Conversational assistants are gradually replacing human support in each industry

With Just AI it is possible to shift interactions with customers from traditional human support to automated. That will relieve your live agents from routine and help them deal with more complicated and challenging tasks.

Hello, I’m ServiceBot and I can help in calculating services costs or place an order.

Hi. I need to have my cottage cleaned by Thursday. Can I leave an order?

Intent recognition “house cleaning service”
Time and date to be specified

Sure. You need to have cleaning done before Thursday. Is it correct?

Yes. Wednesday if possible.

Date extraction – 12.11.18
API request to corporate system
Decision about the next action – get address and contacts

Yes, I can confirm Wednesday, December 11. I’m ready to write down your name and address.

Hello. I was told that you’ve reduced annual payments on the “SaveMore” deposit. I don’t want to lose money! Are there any other deposits?

Intent recognition, reply hypotheses
Get information about deposit – 89%
Set up a deposit – 10%
Complaint – 1%

Hello, Ryan. Your annual income will not change. We agree on the amount of annual interest when we sign up the contract. So this percentage will not change until the contract is expired.

Hi, can I change delivery address? I’ve sent the order this morning.

Intent recognition
Date and time checking
Deciding on the right answer

Hello. Yes, you can change the address within 24 hours. Shall I help you with that?

Would de great!

Cool! Please type in your last name and 4 last numbers of your order.

3478 Simmons.

Ok, Linda, now we know each other. Now please enter your new address and I’ll replace the old one.

Hi, do I need to pay full price for my children tickets when flying from Atlanta to LA?

Hello. We have flight ticket discounts for children. What’s their age?

1,5 and five.

Named entities extraction
Age and numbers recognition
Complex answer to multiple questions

Ok. Children under 2 years travel free of charge, if the flight is domestic. Discount for children under 10 is 50% for all flights. Shall I check more details for you?

Could we have a table for six, today 9pm, non-smoking, with a view?

Complex requests processing
Semantic analysis

Hello. I’ll be happy to help. Please check if it is correct: table for 6 persons, today at 9 PM, non-smoking hall, seats by the panoramic window. Is it ok?

Yep. And what’s your special today?

Context retention
Extra requests processing
Database request
Booking proceeding

Lucky you ;) today we have apple pie with cream. Please give me your phone number to make a reservation.

Today I'll have three businesses classic, 2 cokes zero, 3 desserts plus your cherry pie. For 4pm to my office as usual.

Complex requests processing
Semantic analysis
Entities extraction
Request for missing data

Hello, Anna. New day, new tastes :) I'm almost ready to place your order. Need to know the cokes size and desserts types..

0.5 for coke, vanilla mousse.

CRM or database request
Order placement

Thanks. Now I've got all details. Please confirm your order and address:
- Business lunch Classic – 3 pcs,
- Coca Cola Zero, 0.5l, - 2 pcs,
- Vanilla Mousse – 3 pcs
- Cherry pie – 1 pcs.
Address: 1245 Oak St.

Hello, please I need some help with my TV channels. They just won't work.

Hello. I'm ready to help. But I need more details. Please text what problem you have or click on one issue below:
- - All channels are “No signal”
- - Fuzzy image on all channels
- - Fuzzy image on some channels
- Some channels are lost.

I see “No signal” text on every channel.

Intent recognition
Visual UI and NLP capabilities

Got it. First of all, switch on the TV and run autoscan.
Simply push the button SCAN on your remote control.

These technologies will keep you at the forefront of the market for years





Cognitive abilities and context retention


AI assistants are dealing with meaning, not with keywords. They know synonyms, are trained to be language-specific and are able to match queries with similar or close meaning. They remember the context so there's no need in repeating the whole question again and again.


Friendly environment for development and management

Rich syntax of Just AI DSL allows for creating voice and text bots of any complexity. Visual editor is helpful for checking the chatbot's logic, verify its answers on any step of the dialogue. Analytics dashboard show KPI's of AI assistant, showing the volume of issues solved, number of failed cases, time of issues solving.


Hybrid development and training methods

Rules-based approach is not enough and neural networks are unpredictable and hard to train. We use both linguistic and machine learning models for chatbots development and training. This won't let you lose control over chatbots replies and level up training efficiency.


Precise entities extraction

Customers are just texting or speaking while AI assistant is extracting all data, necessary for making an order or booking: names, locations, phone numbers, emails, quantity and product features (size, color, tech parameters)


API access

Virtual assistants and chatbots are not stand-alone solutions. With our API methods you can empower them with deep knowledge about customers and engage them in sales. Integrate a smart chatbot with CRM to make conversations more personalized or transfer extracted data to your customers' profiles.

It's time to make conversational AI your advantage


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