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JAICF – Kotlin-based framework for conversational context-aware chatbot and voice assistant development

Latest industry research and analytics

Power of Words - a new interactive word search puzzle game for Google Assistant

How to use smart speakers and voice skills in marketing

How to create content and skills for voice assistants

Transforming financial services with Conversational Banking

Voice Assistant in Your Mobile App – Invoking Screens and Completing Forms with no Hands

JAICP. Powerful enterprise-grade conversational AI platform for projects of any complexity

Aimylogic. Drag-and-drop omnichannel voice skills and chatbot builder for SMBs

Aimybox. Open-source SDK to create and embed voice assistants into apps and devices

Grow your business with conversational interfaces

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Products and technologies

  • JAICP (Just AI Conversational Platform)

    Our comprehensive platform enables medium-sized and large enterprises to design complex AI-powered solutions

  • JAICP. Smart Calls

    Inbound and outbound call automation: sales, surveys, information, and smart IVRs. A solution for enterprises and call centers powered by JAICP (Just AI Conversational Platform) conversational platform

  • Aimylogic

    With our visual bot builder SMBs can create AI-powered chatbots and skills for digital assistants

  • Aimylogic. Voice Calls

    Based on our visual bot builder Aimylogic, this solution helps automate outbound call campaigns

  • JAICF (Just AI Conversational Framework)

    A stack of open source libraries for Kotlin to help create conversational interfaces and dialog systems

  • Aimybox

    An open-source customizable voice assistant SDK to help design voice assistants for Android, iOS, smart devices or Raspberry Pi

  • CAILA (Conversational AI Linguistic Assistant)

    A powerful toolset for computational linguists and data scientists. C.A.I.L.A aggregates NLP methods to speed up logs labeling, allows for ML algorithms adjustment and assessment, helps build labeled datasets to train and validate models

  • Voice games and skills publishing

    We help design, launch and promote your content for Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and other voice assistants

  • Voice games, skills and content

    Licensed content for smart devices and digital assistants: ready-to-use skills and games

  • Templates for bots and voice skills

    OOB solutions for typical business tasks: lead generation, NPS surveys, recruitment, food delivery and more

We firmly believe that even though Conversational AI is still a novelty, it is our future. While not so many companies had the opportunity to get the hang of it — we did.

Having all those years of hands-on expertise and projects behind, we are keen to share our best practices and experiences with the global community.

Conversational AI — Our Alma Mater Since 2011

Who We Are

  • Since 2011, Just AI has been developing its own NLU technology and specializing in Conversational Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • We are now proud to offer a unique full-stack conversational AI tools and technologies portfolio that addresses the needs of all kinds of audiences interested in voice tech and conversational interfaces

We are Trusted By

  • Over 30,000 users (SMBs and developers) in Aimylogic
  • Nearly 100 enterprise clients rely on our products for complex Conversational AI projects, such as banks, insurance, fintech, retail, telecom, FMCG, transportation, CX centers, among many others
  • 5 embedded projects for smart devices and robotics
  • Growing partner network of over 60 SIs and ISVs

Meet Our Team

  • 130 highly qualified professionals – experts in computational linguistics, machine learning, conversational UX design, and software development
  • Offices and R&D:
    London (UK),
    St. Petersburg and Moscow (Russia),
    Limassol (Cyprus),
    Shanghai, Nanjing, Shaoxing (China)
  • Awards
    Turing-100th Anniversary Contest winner (London), High Investment Project (Shanghai)

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Grow your business with conversational interfaces

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